RW Air Energy are an independent energy consultancy. Our team of specialist assessors are focused on helping companies to reduce their energy consumption, lower their carbon emissions and ultimately save on their annual operating costs.

Our dedicated, professional team can help with:

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ACE Wizard - Enhanced TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

ACE Wizard is our own proprietary software designed to greatly enhance a standard TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection assessment. Other report systems satisfies the legislative requirement but an ACE Wizard inspection adds significantly more value to you the client often leading to a return on investment within 17 months.

Key Features

  • Energy usage data and refrigerant quantities provided for each system
  • A projection of the operating costs and energy usage for each system and site wide
  • Provides an estimate of the energy savings which could be achieved for the inspected site
  • Calculates the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of each system
  • Secure on-line portal to access and interrogate your site information
  • F-Gas Log book and HVAC asset management facility available for the end client or the FM/AC firm
  • User friendly report and interface to easily find and review and share findings across teams

"Out of all the energy building certificates we have to comply with, I find the TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections carried out by RW Air Energy on the ACE Wizard, is full of extremely useful information and is therefore probably the one that offers the greatest value to me as the facilities manager - Top accountancy firms national engineer