We have operated largely as subcontractors within this profession and have been involved in thousands of air conditioning assessments. Our competitive pricing structure and high quality independent reports are why air conditioning companies and facilities management companies often turn to us to provide their customers with air conditioning energy inspections.

As a company, we do not provide maintenance or remedial work, so our report writing is as independent as possible, no financial rewards are made from anything we recommend. This is another reason we are chosen to act as subcontractors by many of the leading energy certification companies, facilities management companies and air conditioning companies.

 We are accredited to perform energy inspections on the largest chillers and AHUs to the smallest split systems and VRVs by the leading accreditation bodies.  We recognised a air conditioning energy audit needs to provide the commercial and energy information for the customer to prioritise energy initiatives associated to HVAC systems.  To deliver the required information in a commercial context, RW Air Energy developed the ACE Wizard Air Conditioning Reporting System to provide something more than just compliance to business commissioning an air conditioning inspection.

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